Welcome to the Healthy Skin Wiki site.

We have set up this website by section to allow you to quickly navigate to your own requirements. Links below allow you to quickly access topics such as acne, ezcema, skin care etc.

Within each of the sections we cover were appropriate natural remedies, supplements, treatments and programs that we have researched and discovered to be of use to many sufferers. We would be delighted for you to discover the program that most suits your own circumstances.
Please be aware we don’t spend time going through the full details of the conditions and treatments used through history. If it is full details you are looking for then would suggest wikipedia or equivalent. If however you are interested in cures and remedies then check out the below.

As you can see we cover a wide range of skin conditions. Details cover countering many of the major skin complaints, psoraisis, acne, warts, ezcema etc. to how to make sure your skin is looking its absolute best.

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