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My Personal Experience and Review of Exposed Skin Care System

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In today’s market, there is an overwhelming amount of skin care products available for purchase.  One must do the research and be mindful of the experience others have had with any given product.  Everyone’s skin is different and reactions to products are almost always unique.  With this being said, knowing other people’s experience will give you an idea of what reactions one may have after using any particular product.  With the proper amount of knowledge of the product,  one can compare different products before making the final decision to purchase.

I have been suffering from acne since my preteen years.  As an adult, acne has accompanied me for over a decade of my life.  For many, acne is a “phase” during their adolescent years.  For the less fortunate, acne is something we dream of overcoming one day.  I am a fellow dreamer in this fight against acne.  I have never been able to completely rid myself of acne.  I have however, been able to keep it under control throughout the recent years.  I suffer from adult acne due to my oily/sensitive skin.  When going through a major breakout of cystic acne about 6 months ago, I did my research online to look for the most effective solution to my acne.  When going through countless reviews and websites myself, I realized that many of these websites and reviews had one thing in common,  Exposed Skin Care.

Exposed Skin Care is a line of acne treatment products that use both natural and chemical ingredients.  This combination of nature and science is designed to attack the 4 major causes of acne and prevent future break outs.  Initially, I was hesitant to purchase this system due to the high prices of the products.  Because of my past endeavors with other acne products (that have failed me), it was difficult for me to cough up the dough for something that may be of potential help.  Due to the major amounts of positive reviews, I was on a mission to find Exposed Skin Care online at a more affordable price and without a subscription plan.  I was lucky enough to find the 6 piece Exposed Skin Care kit for a fair price of $39.99.  When receiving the kit, I was quite excited and hopeful to seeing some results in my fight against acne.  The kit includes the following :

Facial Cleanser – First step of the system.  Ingredients include sage extract (used to detoxify), pro-vitamin B5 (used for regulation in production of oil), salicylic acid (clears pores that are clogged).  The cleanser is sulfate and paraben free.  When initially using the cleanser, I was surprised at the amount of lather I got from a small portion of the cleanser.  The cleanser is designed to effectively clean your skin without over-drying your face.

Derm-X Cloth – Microdermabrasion cloth used to exfoliate the skin.  Instructed to use two to three times a week.  After application of facial cleanser, used the cloth (after being soaked in cold water) to remove cleanser off by massaging my face until clean.  Made sure to rinse cloth as needed throughout this process.

Clearing Tonic – Second step of the system.  Poured the tonic into a cotton pad until soaked and applied all over clean skin.  Ingredients include passion flower (minimizes inflammation), green tea extract  (anti-oxidant), salicylic acid (clears up blocked pores).  Tonic designed to re-balance your skin while clearing off contaminants and opening up your pores.  Tonic did not irritate my skin.  Felt light and no stinging occurred when applying to my sensitive skin.

Acne Treatment Serum – Step 3 (day time).  Evenly distributed and applied all over the face while my face was still slightly moist after applying the tonic.  Ingredients include azelaic acid (helps normalize skin), green tea extract (anti-oxidant), encapsulated benzoyl peroxide (eliminates acne bacteria).  Made sure my face was completely dry before applying moisturizer.

Clear Pore Serum – Step 4 (night time).  Evenly distributed and applied all over the face while my face was still slightly moist after applying clearing tonic.  Ingredients include licorice root (assists in evening out skin tone), green tea extract (anti-oxidant), salicylic acid (clears up blocked pores).  Applied moisturizer after my face was completely dry.

Moisture Complex – Final step.  Put a dime sized amount on my index finger and spread along the tips of all my fingers.  Patted my face with my finger tips until my fingers and face were completely dry.  Ingredients include amino peptides (helps repair skin), green tea extract (anti-oxidant), pumpkin seed (calms down irritated skin).

I religiously followed this skin care regimen in the weeks that followed.  During the first week, my skin seemed to get worse.  I have oily skin but the system seemed to make it worse.  I was able to combat this with oil blotting paper.  I expected the system to initially give me a break out as the company’s website warned.  I stayed calm and waited patiently for the second week to arrive.

Come second week, my skin still felt oily.  I did however, notice my cystic acne slightly diminishing in size and lightening up in color.  I can see the skin tone of my face becoming a bit more even.  I am already pleasantly surprised by the work it did to my cystic acne alone.  I hate my cystic acne as I am used to waiting months before they completely heal.

Third week, pores seem smaller and skin tone became even more even.  Cystic acne is still there but much smaller then what I’m used to in comparison to my past experience without this system.  I was excited to see my face looking brighter already and hoped that the progress would continue.

During the fourth week, I did not see too much of a difference from the previous week.  I saw that my pores were still much smaller then they were before using the system.  I did however see some scars and blemishes fading away and getting lighter in color.  I was extremely excited to see that the whole system seemed effective in treating my acne as no other systems have been as effective.

Few months have passed now and I have not been able to keep up with this exact skin regimen.  With the complete kit and regimen, Exposed Skin Care was effective for me.  However, I was unable to stick to the complete system as a regimen as I went though some products faster then others.  I purchased this kit twice throughout the past months and I do recommend the system in my Exposed Skin Care review but as a whole.  When I started substituting certain products (ie. toner, moisturizer) my skin seemed to take a step back.  Although the cleanser and serums are still used, I do get the occasional cystic acne and I have accepted that my oily skin will possibly forever remain oily?  I am hopeful for a product in the future that may help me regulate oil more effectively.  As a whole, my face has never been better!

Everyone reacts differently to all products.  This for me has been effective and I hope that my skin stays in the condition it’s in long after finishing the products within the system.  The company offers a 365 day guarantee so it doesn’t hurt to try it!  Be informed!  Be aware of their subscription plan.  Some prefer this and those like me tend to stay away from all subscription plans.  Exposed Skin Care offers their products both individually and through kits.  Individual prices are a bit too high for my taste.  The kits are the way to go due to the great deals they offer along with each kit. Prices for their kits range from $49.95 to $94.95.  Although I personally recommend Exposed Skin Care, I highly suggest you do your research as to how others reacted to this system.  If you end up purchasing this particular skin care system, I hope you all the best!  May you receive the same, if not better results than I.

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